WyzBee : The Origins !!

By Apurva Peri – August 19, 2015

The Internet of things has been steadily gaining popularity with concepts like Home automation, smart homes, and smart vehicles becoming rife. While everybody talks about Smart products and a connected world, nobody knows what breathes life into a smart product or the invisible thread that connects things. We at Redpine have been working to connect things for over a decade now and have thus devised WyzBee which is the bridge that one needs to take to move from an idea to the actualization of the idea. It is miniscule in size but impressively powerful in its capabilities. It triples up as a high end processor, a sensing device and a wireless module.

WyzBee originated over a year ago as an idea with the potential of disrupting the IoT space. For a long time, we have been supporting our customers in their efforts to securely incorporate wireless into their systems and drudge through numerous steps of integration before bringing a product into the market. We envisioned WyzBee to address such elementary but vital concerns of security, longevity and ease of integration. With the IoT expanding rapidly and becoming all pervasive, security becomes a matter of concern and most current platforms don’t tend to it holistically. We wanted WyzBee to be the platform that tightly binds security to hardware and software components alike.

People can replace smart phones and tablets every year but products built for IoT must be for the long haul. We have leveraged our expertise in wireless design to introduce a solution that is complete by itself and mitigates the need for additional components. Having multiprotocol wireless on board makes WyzBee unique in its space by enabling more things to come under the IoT umbrella and making them immune to future technologies.

Through the process of designing WyzBee, it had started to feel like the recipe for a magical potion and we decided to add to it a new ingredient that would demonstrate magic hitherto unheard of. This added ingredient is our very own cloud solution that offers flexible and customizable connectivity, analytics, and user interfaces to a user. After precise brewing for over a year, We present WyzBee as the industry’s first IoT platform which is  a single source offering with fully inclusive sensing, computing, communicating, and cloud support.

Get yourself a WyzBee and Make your own THING!!

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