WyzBee Symphony

WyzBee Symphony is an Internet of Things Cloud platform from Redpine Signals with Big Data handling capabilities that provides a complete end to end solution for IoT along with WyzBee Hardware platform. WSP can run in Local, Hybrid or Cloud based containers and can scale from small and medium to large installations with millions of devices.
WyzBee Symphony supports a wide variety of IoT protocols from Device to cloud like MQTT, REST, STOMP, Websockets and COAP. It can provide connectivity to online integration platforms like Zapier and Jitterbit that have connectors to hundreds of online services. It can also integrate with existing ERP, Identity Management, Asset Management and Manufacturing Data Stores to make your IoT rollouts simpler.
WyzBee Symphony also offers an option to host applications in the WyzBee Symphony Application Runtime Environment with server side SDK’s provided in languages like Java, PHP, Ruby and Python and Client Side SDK’s provided in Android, iOS and JavaScript for mobile native and Hybrid application development. It supports advanced capabilities like Batch and Stream Analytics on its Big Data platform providing intuitive interfaces to configure and run Complex Event processing rules and machine intelligence algorithms to solve complex IoT problems.
The WyzBee Dashboard equips users to utilize a unified interface for account management, billing and the ability to create new products specifications and take them from prototype to market in very short period of time based on the WyzBee hardware platform. The dashboard provides drag and drop visualization tools like graphs, charts, maps and reports widgets that work out of the box to view IoT data streams. The WyzBee Symphony platform leverages Redpine Signals unique knowledge in IoT space as a silicon provider for converged wireless chipsets in W-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee to provide a unified platform for hardware, cloud and mobility solution that addresses major platform challenges in IoT rollouts for product manufacturers.
Please contact us for additional details about WyzBee Symphony.