Product Synthesis

An IoT device is typically an embedded system consisting of electronic hardware, mechanical housing with buttons and displays, resident application software, resident cloud connectivity software, software running on the cloud as well as application running on a smart phone or a tablet. The current approach to developing these products involves a series of mainly discrete steps.

These are:

  • Hardware design of the electronics – circuit, circuit layout, PCBs
  • Design of the device structure – plastics, arrangement of display panels, buttons, etc.
  • Development of resident application software – processing of inputs from peripherals, connectivity, etc.
  • Development of cloud connectivity software to connect the device to the cloud
  • Implementation of the software residing on the cloud for analytics, visualization, device management, etc.
  • Development of a control and monitoring application running on a smart phone

Each of these steps currently involves a different development environment and process. The tools are rom different vendors, and there is no coordination between the steps. The result is a long overall cycle of design, implementation, validation and optimization.

WyzBee’s Product Synthesis solution simplifies the complete implementation cycle by automatically creating a customized PCB design, mechanical design, cloud software as well as the end application. The user utilizes the Wyzbee platform and the associated THINGs to create the system design. The user also has an option to do a trade-off analysis for power, area, cost and performance and chose the final components in the design. These parameters are then fed into the Product Synthesis tool which generates the final schematic, layout, mechanical design, BoM, cloud software and application software. This is accomplished by creating a large library of components along with synthesis of a few components based on the constraints provided by the use.

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