Power Profiler

Power Profiler enables the user to analyze and optimize power in different parts of the design at different stages in the software code execution. It uniquely ties the hardware and software together for a true system level power analysis. The user can visualize and optimize the power for the following components in the design:

  • Wireless
  • WiSeMCU
  • WyzBee board
  • System

The power used for debug elements is automatically removed to provide accurate power consumption. Also, the user can dynamically switch between different power components as the code is executed to get a complete picture of the power consumption in the system. Power Profiler is integrated with WyzBee Workbench and is available on Windows platform. It provides significant measurement and visualization capabilities like selection of curve to be shown, max/min/avg/peak measurement between two cursor points, trigger, zoom with auto-scale, color selection, time measurement, save and auto or triggered mode of measurements.

Please contact us regarding availability and for additional information with “Power Profiler” listed in the subject field.