Market Segments

The WyzBee IoT platform helps you create diverse applications in a number of industry segments. Many of these require hardware components beyond what is present in the WyzBee base board – these are offered as THINGs. The WyzBee platform includes a number of THINGs already available and with a series of offerings over time, providing additional functionality for development of applications and also for assisting the process of deveopment. THINGs can also be created by the developer, addressing specific needs of the application under consideration. Examples of THINGs include inertial navigation devices, gas sensors, heart rate monitors, secure hardware processors, GPS locationing devices, GSM/LTE connectivity, barcode scanning devices, cameras, LCD displays, power supply monitors, voice recognition devices, and proximity sensors, among many others, enabling advanced applications in Medical, Security, Transportation, Retail, Industrial, Consumer, Smart Energy, and Building Automation market segments.