IoT Debugger

IoT Debugger is a network debugging tool which captures all HTTP traffic between WyzBee device and the Internet. It helps debugging network applications running on Wyzbee. It captures wireless packets from WyzBee device and displays the data and protocol specific information on a graphical interface.

IoT Debugger is meant for WyzBee application developers to troubleshoot problems in network applications. It includes a graphical interface running on a Windows PC for easier debugging.

The following are some of the features of IoT Debugger:

  • Available on Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above
  • Capture live packet data from a Wyzbee device
  • Display packets with detailed protocol information
  • Save captured packet data
  • Search/Filter for packets
  • Uncompress the gzipped packets
  • Decrypt secure socket SSL


Please contact us regarding availability and for additional information with “IoT Debugger” listed in the subject field.