It is always useful to start with the right step – get the overall picture of what WyzBee is, what comes with it, and what you can do with it.

WyzBee is the world’s first comprehensive IoT platform for device that includes a flexible hardware platform, development environment and cloud software and services framework. The WyzBee IoT platform significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and bring to market new IoT devices by providing integrated sensing, computing, communicating, power management, cloud and application support. Redpine Signals is also accelerating IoT device development by providing a broad portfolio of Things profiles to developers like sensor, audio, GPS, GSM/GPRS and many more.

With the new WyzBee platform, we are removing multiple layers of complexity and cost in product development while giving product and application developers everything they need in a compact solution to jumpstart their IoT device or application.

The compact WyzBee board includes Redpine’s Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU™) with multi-protocol wireless module providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee connectivity, six-axis inertial sensors, an infrared receiver, a debug port, push buttons, LEDs, USB ports, and WyzBee THING™ expansion connector. The WiSeMCU module runs an embedded TCP/IP networking stack with SSL/TLS/HTTPS security, apart from complete Wi-Fi, BT 4.1, and ZigBee stacks.

The WyzBee THING expansion headers accommodate a host of other symbiotic devices, with a number of peripherals – called ‘Things’ – already available from Redpine including Speech, GSM, GPS, capacitive touch display, rechargeable battery, and additional sensors.

The WyzBee platform also includes WyzBee Workbench, a unique development tool that integrates with development environments offered for WyzBee to address common debug and optimization needs that arise when engineers validate systems that communicate with the cloud. The workbench provides a for comprehensive debug analysis of data traffic between the device and the cloud and options to analyze and optimize factors like duty cycles and periods of operation in different parts of the design at different stages in the software code execution.

The WyzBee platform is supported by the WyzBee Symphony IoT Cloud – a Redpine hosted cloud framework that offers flexible and customizable connectivity, analytics, and user interfaces. WyzBee Symphony supports a wide variety of IOT protocols from Device to cloud like MQTT, REST, and Web sockets and supports Client Side SDK’s for Android, iOS and JavaScript for mobile native and Hybrid application development.

Follow five quick steps to make your product prototype

  • Sign up on WyzBee and procure hardware
  • Download and Install the WyzBee Workbench
  • Signup on WyzBee Symphony to quickly run through creating product specifiications and auto generate code. Customize your cloud dashboard to suit your needs.
  • Develop device side application and download it effortlessy using WyzBee workbench
  • Visualize device data on your custom dashboard.
  • Voila ! Your product prototype is ready !!

Watch how WyzBee serves as a one-stop solution to solve IoT development challenges

How to Build a Smart Thermostat using WyzBee

Projects involve integrating subsystems, building flows and data processing, and detailed testing and debug. The WyzBee platform aids this with tools, explanations and sample applications.

WyzBee Workbench

  • Device side hardware and software development (WyzBee)
  • Keil, IAR, CooCox
  • WyzBee Things
  • Click here to download technical documentation on the WyzBee workbench

WyzBee Symphony

  • Quick Wizard (Device modelling, device instantiation)
  • Automated Code generation
  • Provisioning (Device and WiFi)
  • Data visualization (device monitoring) and Device Control
  • Click here to download technical documentation on WyzBee Symphony

WyzBee Mobile Applications

  • iOS/Android/JS based application development
  • Device provisioning

WyzBee Server Applications

  • OEM web application
  • OEM dashboard and management

A complete IoT solution includes devices, software, connectivity, and configuration. Deploying the solution is made easier with the WyzBee Symphony IoT cloud.

WyzBee Symphony

WyzBee Symphony is an Internet of Things Cloud platform from Redpine Signals with Big Data handling capabilities that provides a complete end to end solution for IoT along with WyzBee Hardware platform. WSP can run in Local, Hybrid or Cloud based containers and can scale from small and medium to large installations with millions of devices.

WyzBee Symphony supports a wide variety of IoT protocols from Device to cloud like MQTT, REST, STOMP, Websockets and COAP. It can provide connectivity to online integration platforms like Zapier and Jitterbit that have connectors to hundreds of online services. It can also integrate with existing ERP, Identity Management, Asset Management and Manufacturing Data Stores to make your IoT rollouts simpler.

WyzBee Symphony also offers an option to host applications in the WyzBee Symphony Application Runtime Environment with server side SDK’s provided in languages like Java, PHP, Ruby and Python and Client Side SDK’s provided in Android, iOS and JavaScript for mobile native and Hybrid application development. It supports advanced capabilities like Batch and Stream Analytics on its Big Data platform providing intuitive interfaces to configure and run Complex Event processing rules and machine intelligence algorithms to solve complex IoT problems.

The My WyzBee Dashboard equips users to utilize a unified interface for account management, billing and the ability to create new products specifications and take them from prototype to market in very short period of time based on the WyzBee hardware platform. The dashboard provides drag and drop visualization tools like graphs, charts, maps and reports widgets that work out of the box to view IoT data streams. The WyzBee Symphony platform leverages Redpine Signals unique knowledge in IoT space as a silicon provider for converged wireless chipsets in W-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee to provide a unified platform for hardware, cloud and mobility solution that addresses major platform challenges in IoT rollouts for product manufacturers.

Please Read more for additional details about WyzBee Symphony.