WyzBee is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform that includes hardware boards, application development environment, cloud software and services framework as well as a product synthesis solution for synthesizing the final product. The WyzBee IoT platform significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and bring to market new IoT devices by providing integrated sensing, computing, communication, power management, cloud and application support.

Development and deployment of an IoT device entails several challenges in the market. During the creation of WyzBee, the Redpine team looked at these challenges and formulated a solution that enables the user to create an optimal design in a short time period.

Here are some of the key benefits offered by WyzBee platform to an IoT device maker:

  • Single source for complete hardware and software needs:WyzBee platform provides a highly optimized single-source hardware and software solution for IoT device creation and deployment. User does not have to deal with multiple vendors to create a solution. This significantly reduces the time to market for a new device.
  • Support for multiple wireless protocols:WyzBee platform supports ultra-low power multi-protocol wireless connectivity (dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi®, BT 4.1, ZigBee) for future proofing of devices. Highly integrated embedded software on-module connects to popular cloud services platforms without the need for third party proxy services using SSL and OAuth 1.0
  • Product Synthesis for creating the final device and deployment solution:WyzBee Platform offers a patent pending product synthesis solution that synthesizes the final PCB, mechanical design, optimized firmware, cloud instance as well as the final application. The user can complete the prototype design and optimize it using the WyzBee platform. After the completion of the design, Product Synthesis can be used to synthesize the final product.
  • Enhanced device security:Device security is extremely critical for several classes of IoT devices. However, the current solutions do not provide the required security for these devices. WyzBee Platform incorporates Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) security which enables enhanced device authentication and hardware software binding.
  • Hardware and software support for multiple market segments:IoT space covers diverse markets and devices. The problem is compounded when any end market does not command huge volume. So, there is a need to create products cost effectively. The WyzBee development team studied all market segments in the IoT space and came up with a set of common peripherals, sensors and other functions needed to serve many markets. We call them WyzBee THINGS. These add-on cards enable device makers to create end devices faster without worrying about the availability or sourcing challenges and software integration to the platform. WyzBee THING library is available for device makers today to create any IoT device.
  • Enhanced debugger for cloud transactions: The current set of software tools do not provide sufficient capabilities to debug an end to end IoT device. WyzBee has a unique solution which enables the user to capture and debug cloud transactions, hence reducing the debugging time significantly.
  • Analysis and optimization of system power:WyzBee platform offers a Power Profiler tool which helps the user to analyze and optimize the power at component as well as system level. It comes with advanced data capture and visualization to enable the debugging. Such a solution makes WyzBee ideal for a wearable device.
  • Seamless and secure connection to cloud:WyzBee platform provides seamless and secure connection to the cloud by using the embedded SSL and enterprise security through RS9113 M2MCombo chip.
  • Embedded Oauth servers for integrating with web services:There are multiple web services available which can enhance the utility of an IoT device immensely. These also include social web services like Twitter and Facebook. Today, there is a seamless connection to these services without using intermediate proxy servers because the end device doesn’t support authentication servers needed by the service provider. These intermediate proxy servers cost money for commercial use and add to development time. The WyzBee platform provides Oauth authentication server embedded on the module to enable a development environment to create applications that utilize web services easily and cost effectively.
  • Right sizing of the cloud instance: One of the challenges in the IoT device maker community is the ability to right size the cloud and creates a sustainable solution. Today, smallest cloud instance available from popular cloud service companies are orders of magnitude over kill for many applications in IoT space. The WyzBee Symphony Cloud Platform is synthesized based on the application developed on the WyzBee platform to provide optimal data and computing needs. In addition, the cloud platform can be hosted in on-premises or third party hosting services.

The WyzBee platform can be broadly divided into the following components:

Hardware for Developing IoT Applications

The hardware consists of the base WyzBee board, on which can be stacked additional WyzBee THING™ boards for specific applications.

The compact WyzBee board includes Redpine’s multi-protocol wireless module Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU™), providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee connectivity, six-axis inertial sensors, an infrared receiver, a debug port, push-buttons, LEDs, USB ports, and WyzBee THING expansion connector. The WiSeMCU module runs an embedded TCP/IP networking stack with SSL/TLS/HTTPS security, apart from complete Wi-Fi, BT 4.1, and ZigBee stacks.

Currently available THING boards include battery, display, multi-sensor, audio, GSM/GPRS, GPS, power profiler, relay, extension, AC-DC and Arduino adaptor. Several other THING boards such as smart plug, scope, smart lighting, cloud server, text-to-speech, health sensor, NFC and energy harvesting will be available soon.

Application Development Environment

The application development environment includes integrated stacks (MQTT, CoAP, 6LoWPAN, Thread etc.), analytics engines (big data, streaming, machine learning etc.), widgets (visualization etc.) and other tools needed for embedded firmware, cloud connectivity, data visualization, data analytics, device management and end-application development.

Application development is supported with a choice of development environments – IAR, Keil, and the free CoIDE from CooCox. The WyzBee platform also includes WyzBee Workbench, a unique debug tool that addresses a common debug need that arises when engineers validate systems that communicate with the cloud. This tool is integrated into the development environment offered for WyzBee and provides a comprehensive debug analysis of data traffic between the device and the cloud. This Enhanced Debugger includes the capability of analysing all transactions with the cloud, including secure SSL protected exchanges.

Cloud Framework

The WyzBee platform is supported by the WyzBee IoT Cloud – a Redpine hosted cloud framework that offers flexible and customizable connectivity, analytics and user interfaces. The RS9113 chipset integrates PUF-based hardware security block that provides for unique, individual device entities – ensuring that, where desired, each IoT device can be individually authenticated and software delivered to it that cannot run on any other device.

Product Synthesis

This patent-pending solution allows the user to synthesize the end-to-end IoT device including hardware, software, mechanical enclosure, cloud framework as well as the application. The user can do the initial design using the WyzBee platform and then synthesize the IoT device within fraction of the time and at fraction of the cost involved in conventional methods.

The following are the key benefits offered by WyzBee Platform to an IoT device maker:

  • WyzBee platform provides a highly optimized single-source solution for IoT device creation that employs product synthesis across hardware, software and cloud deployment
  • WyzBee platform supports ultra-low power multi-protocol wireless connectivity (dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi®, BT 4.1, ZigBee) for future proofing of devices
  • Highly integrated embedded software on-module connects to popular cloud services platforms without the need for third party proxy services using SSL and OAuth 2.0
  • WyzBee platform enables power optimized low power wearable designs with power profiler
  • Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) security allows for enhanced device authentication and hardware software binding
  • WyzBee platform features advanced machine learning capability for assisting application enhancement